Alternative Ways to Motivate Staff – Without Monetary Rewards

Some people say that money is the only thing that makes the world go round. However, this belief might not be true at all times especially when it comes to motivating your staff. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, salaries are very important and typically one of the usual motivators used by employers and leaders in motivating their employees.

These satisfy and answer the immediate needs of people such as clothing, food and shelter. However, what matters most would be the needs that can be found on the higher levels of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. These needs aren’t related with money. The following are the 6 non-monetary advantages you could give to your employees to keep them motivated:


It is very important for employees to respect their bosses, but workers still need space where they can voice out their ideas and opinions. They also need the freedom to be flexible on their approaches to issues and conflicts. You could also give emphasis to flexibility when it comes to the hours or work.

Most working professionals these days are parents who have greater responsibilities at home. Having the ability to work at their own pace would let them take care of their personal obligations, be it at home or at the office.


Nobody wants to go unrecognised. Sad to say, most employees are not granted even just a pat on the back or a handshake by their employers.

Recognition could come in various forms. Even a simple email can do the trick. You can also hold an informal recognition meeting for those employees who have performed well for the given month.


If you train your workers, this will mean that there’s a plenty of room for them to grow and become more productive at work.

However, training must be in relation to the career path the workers want to take. Otherwise, they can’t use their new knowledge effectively and make the most out of it. Conducting skill evaluation prior to training is important to help negate this.

Sense of Belonging

The main reason why staff dislike going to the office is the politics and conflict inside the workplace. Although most employees recognise the employee-manager relationship, it is still essential for them to get the sense of belonging and friendship.

Opportunity to Contribute

An employer can motivate his or her employees by making them feel that the company’s success depends on what they can do for the company itself. This can be made possible through letting them head projects and getting their consent on some issues that could affect your organisation and business.

The Use of Social Recognition Software

One more way to keep your employees motivated without monetary rewards is to make use of social recognition software. This is what most companies do today. Social recognition is one thing that will help you retain your employees and make them willing to work with your company until their retirement.


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